The Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center

The Johns Hopkins Hospital
1550 Orleans St.,
CRB II, Rm341
Baltimore, MD 21231

phone: 410.955.3512
fax: 410.614.0671

National Familial Pancreas Tumor Registry

The NFPTR Needs You!

The NFPTR is a research study aimed at identifying the causes of pancreatic cancer. We hope that our research will enable the early detection of pancreas cancer and lead to improved treatment of this disease, saving lives. The addition of more families to our study is critical to continue our progress.
Click here to see if you or your family qualifies to join the pancreas tumor registry.

From left, Nancy Porter, Dr. Alison Klein, and Sharon Varghese

"We are looking for the causes of pancreatic cancer. If you or your family member has had pancreatic cancer, we need you for our study." - Dr. Alison Klein